Sustainably Single Parenting

Making the most of life's journey alongside my three!!!

Farm Day October 15, 2012

All homework and housework makes Mama a dull lady. The other day I decided to take a break from the broom, and the brooding over assignments undone. I took the girls to a couple of farms in the area. It was a lot more fun than folding laundry!

It was about 30 degrees out, so we got bundled up for our trip!

Farm #1 had this fun golf ball game. Terra was better at it than Amara and I.

Walking along the field towards the pumpkin patch

I love COWS!

The apple orchard was on the other side of Farm #1, so we chose to wait for a hayride.

The girls really enjoyed the hayride…It was a little bumpy for me!

It didn’t take long for Terra to pick her “perfect apple”

It took Amara about thirty minutes to pick her “perfect apple”

I wanted to rest beside them, but we had one more farm to go!

One of the cows at Farm #2 really liked me!

The girls needed to pick unique pumpkins and gourds to take to school. Farm #2 had a beautiful (and feasible) selection.

The girls were thoroughly entertained when the goats started fighting about which of them would get our food.

Farm #2 had an awesome playground. This airplane was a see-saw!

The airplane also rocked from side to side! I totally want one of these šŸ™‚


Summer (Can’t Last Too Long) August 27, 2012

I cannot believe that summer is almost over. My plan, back in May, was to make it outside everyday, to visit the beach at least once a week, and to go somewhere new in the city each month. My summer plans were somewhat ruined by the The Big Incident (as were my plans for life in general), but I wanted to somehow salvage the sanctity of summer, at least for my daughters.

Between the cleaning, the cooking, the blogging, the legal proceedings, and the immensity of single-parenting I find it difficult to do most things that aren’t utter necessity. I understand, however, how vital undirected outdoor play can be for young children and I try my hardest to incorporate time for this during the day.

I’m grateful for the pool at our condo; it’s big enough and well maintained and always has a lifeguard, but even though it’s just a short walk down the parking lot I often cannot find the time and energy to utilize it. I’ve taken to folding my laundry outside on a Queen bed-sized blanket with weighted corners while the girls make mud pies, dig for worms, and try their hardest to pet the ducks. Thanks to wi-fi I can do computer work at the picnic bench on my laptop, and if we go to the park I always take a notebook with me. The backyard may not be the beach or a city adventure, but the girls really seem to enjoy their time outdoors and I love being able to be near them and still completing my work and/or household chores.

It isn’t the summer I’d imagined. I am not getting fit, but getting bigger. I am not relaxing, but stressing more than I have in my entire adult life. I am not in the ocean nearly as much as I’d hoped to be. But I am keeping my house fairly clean, my daughters are happy and healthy, and my to-do list is manageable (or…reasonably unmanageable, but well-organized). I cannot say that I will be sad to see Summer make way for my favorite season. I’ve got big plans for Autumn.