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Great Expectations May 31, 2013

Some terribly unrealistic force of optimism cursed me during my pregnancy. This mystical force convinced me that I’d be capable of achieving everything I set my mind to accomplishing. I was so certain of this power being mine that it confuses me every time I’m forced to accept reality. My reality these days is quite bleak.

I wake up early to get going before my girls get out of bed.

I have energy and big plans for getting through my to-do list.

But… the baby wakes up as I’m doing my morning chores and I spend 30 minutes or more nursing her back to sleep.

Then, just as I’m leaving the baby, my middle daughter wakes up with the energy of five elephants trapped¬† in a room full of mice, and wakes the baby.

I calm the baby, play with my preschooler, and go about doing my morning chores with “help” from my second born.

My oldest daughter wakes up, typically in a bad mood with a bad attitude, and gets things moving downhill at an accelerated rate.

They eat breakfast, and I keep cleaning, and somehow through it all I still believe I’m going to get a lot done.

Then, before I’ve had the chance to catch a breath, it’s time for lunch.

I create, serve, and clean up lunch, and then I try to get some homework done, but alas…my big girls need rest and cannot play without fighting.

They also refuse to rest.

This makes my outlook on the rest of our day take a nosedive.

Two hours later, after many failed attempts to get them to do anything together without fighting, I realize that my attempts have been in vain because all they want to do is play with me.

I play. I enjoy their company. I play for as long as I can without having to leave to feed the baby or work on something.

But it is already nearing dinner time, and I am running out of energy fast.

I yawn through dinner. I clean their plates.

We do bedtime business and I promise myself I’ll stay up after they’re in bed to get my work done.

I am too tired throughout the day to stay up late to finish things.

I realize that this is my reality.

I am too tired to freak out, but if I weren’t I’d be screaming, “How the hell am I going to pass two graduate courses on top of all this?!”


Learning Lessons September 12, 2012

I had a meeting in Boston today, for the graduate student organization of which I am currently president. I figured that it wouldn’t be too horrible to take the girls along to the meeting, and that beforehand we could spend some time at the Boston Children’s Museum. The girls absolutely love it there and we get in for free with our ASTC passport from back home.

We had a really good time at the museum. There’s so much to do and see and touch and learn. Even though we have been to the museum at least fifteen times in the past year, it has a never-ending amount of awesome. The girls did all of their favorite things:

The Climbing Area

Wet Sand in Peep’s World

Terra Seeing What Floats

Moving “Kid Power” sign, powered by kids

More Climbing

Kid Powered Windmill/Fan

Chair Lifts (the seated person lifts)

We saw an ocean creature fossil show!

I figured that after encouraging them to expend so much energy between our train ride to Boston and our train ride home they would see my meeting as a much needed respite. Unfortunately, it seemed that doing so much moving all day only made them even antsier when I asked that they sit still, eat their food, and color awhile.

Lesson learned.