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Dress-up Creative Play November 2, 2012

My daughters LOVE dress-up!

Amara and Terra being fairies

They incorporate their dress-up supplies into almost every game they play. Gloves become puppy paws, wigs signify certain characters, wings can be given to almost any animal, and the clothing has a range of uses.

When we began toy cycling  a few months ago I chose to keep their dress-up supplies accessible constantly. I didn’t want to take away something that encourages their creative play, their very active imaginations.

I don’t really add to the dress-up clothing very often. Some of their pieces were gifts (a few princess dresses, a couple pairs of wings, low-heeled princess shoes), I find some things at dollar stores (flimsy-fabric witch costumes, tiaras and wands, hats and gloves and sashes), and I make some things (knitted scarves, tutus, crocheted hats).

My favorite finds for the dress-up collection are the things I find on clearance, mainly at Walmart, the day after Halloween, and at Kohls (almost any day if you’re willing to wade patiently through their racks of clearance clothing and bring a coupon).

Since I seldom have the time and energy to get the most out of Kohls’ clearance sections I look forward to going to Walmart the day after Halloween. Retail therapy only works for me when I feel like I’m getting away with paying next-to-nothing; yesterday I had such a revitalizing, uplifting, and fulfilling time!

Striped tights $0.86 apiece, Wigs $1.49-$1.99 apiece

You can never have enough wings, $1.24 apiece

Christmas gifts! I figure their new tights, wigs and wings will be a bit worn out within two months. Plus, the adorable skirts were only $1.24 apiece!

P.S. A few weeks ago I stocked up at Old Navy’s Stuff and Save sale, and for my $60 purchase I was rewarded with $20 in Super Cash. To redeem Super Cash I had to come back between 11/1 and 11/7 and spend another $50. I typically don’t redeem my Super Cash coupons, but this time I really did need new maternity clothing and I had $25 in Rewards from previous purchases (points you get for using your Old Navy Visa card).

Here’s the math: Every $25 I spent allowed me to redeem $10 of Super Cash; purchasing $50 worth of clothing was equal to $30 of clothing with the coupon; $30 would really cost me $5 because I also had the $25 in Rewards: That’s $50 worth of clothing for $5. Um….yeah, TOTALLY WORTH IT! Especially since I only shop in the clearance sections.

I purchased another pair of jeans and a jumper dress for Amara, a maternity tank and three maternity dresses for myself. I looked for a few things for Terra, but didn’t have any luck; she doesn’t need much of anything anyway, I just don’t like leaving her out of the I-got-new-clothes parade. Terra wasn’t jealous. She actually cheered for Amara when I told them about my purchase. Such a sweet girl! I love the new dresses; they are so comfortable (and best of all, I got them so cheap)!

Never enough sister love!

P.P.S. If you didn’t know, NEVER shop online for Old Navy clothing. I love online shopping, but I save that for Coldwater Creek and Urban Outfitters and other things. Old Navy’s in-store clothing is always significantly cheaper than the same exact articles online. Also, going to craft stores (Michael’s has the best clearance sections) directly after a holiday has saved me a bundle!