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Blogging Hiatus June 21, 2013

I love this blog.

A little less than one year ago Sustainably Single Parenting (SSP) began. My goal was to be candid about my life as things progressed; from the end of my relationship with my abusive husband to whatever lied ahead for me and my kids. I was pregnant, in school full time, broke, and terrified. I wasn’t sure if I’d be homeless by the end of my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure how I’d manage to pay for things. I lived on two-four hours of sleep almost every night. But three nights a week I’d write.

I’d write about what I was feeling, how I missed him, how I grieved. I’d write about the children, their transition, and counseling. I’d write about my terror, and my methods for finding peace. I’d write about the disappointment of losing a dream. And through everything, people listened. People read, and reached out, and responded, and gave advice. People showed genuine empathy, told their stories, gave encouragement, and helped me to revitalize my self-confidence.

This blog has been a lifeline, a therapeutic outlet for me. It has been a chance for me to come forward about my situation, and hopefully, to inspire other victims to find the strength to leave their abusers. This blog has been a way for me to connect with amazing people, read heartwarming and heart-wrenching stories, and stand strong as a survivor who is certain of her ability to thrive.

I do not plan to give up blogging. I will return to SSP. But for awhile, I’ll have to take a break to work on other things. I’m in my last semester of graduate school, and though I only blog two days each week, finding the time and energy to keep on that schedule while single parenting three babies and taking two classes and maintaining a household is proving much too stressful. I want to keep telling my story, keep connecting with readers and meeting new people, keep on helping the DV community in some small way.

My plan is to come back once I graduate (August 2013) or sooner if I can manage to find more balance before I finish my Master’s degree. Until then, you can stay updated on our journey via Twitter. I hate to have to leave, but I have to sacrifice some things if I want to graduate without repeating my last semester. I’ve come this far…I have to do what is necessary for me to finish.

I know you all will understand. I will miss you until I blog again 🙂


New Posting Schedule January 21, 2013

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PlannerSince I began this blog I’ve maintained a posting schedule that I’ve been fairly proud of. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday one could rely on their being new content available. The blog has been both difficult to maintain and an avenue for growth and healing. My situation is consuming, and I rarely sleep, but I enjoy what I do here and I hope I am helping others, even if it’s in a very small way.

However, I have come to terms with my inability to maintain my three day/week posting schedule for the time being. With baby coming in three weeks and my nesting frenzy, my graduate courses continuing, my other two daughters needing constant care, affection, and education, and the endless onslaught of chores, I will not be able to continue producing quality content as often as I have been.

This will be my last week of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until things calm down a bit for me. I imagine it will get easier a few weeks after the baby is earth-side, and that I will not forever be burdened by the stress of court cases. Maybe my insomnia will even be cured soon?! Well…one step at a time I suppose.

I plan to only reduce my posting schedule by one day per week, but at this moment I am not sure which two days I’ll be posting. I will put this information on my About Page once I’ve made a decision. I look forward to maintaining this blog and the connections I’ve made through it in the blogging world. There is still so much to share and discover.

Our journey has just begun.