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Making the most of life's journey alongside my three!!!

About July 15, 2012


Sustainably Single Parenting chronicles a journey of complexities.

jet_family2I am currently single parenting three beautiful little ladies (Amara 7/07, Terra 3/09, and Nohra 02/13). The life-altering news of my last pregnancy came just two weeks after I separated from my abusive husband. My marriage is over, but I am not yet divorced, and this is my first experience with court cases and restraining orders.

Being single means freedom, but it also brings the unexpected mourning for a marriage that I truly believed might defeat the odds.

I am three courses shy of attaining my Master’s degree in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College, so I will be finishing graduate school as I navigate this new life. We are not wealthy, and I have no family within 1000 miles, but I am determined to not be defeated by our situation.

I will not allow being a single parent to ruin my efforts to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our lives. I will continue to make my cleaning supplies, breastfeed and cloth diaper, practice attachment parenting, and cherish homeschooling. I know that this transition will be difficult and that there will be many obstacles, but I am certain that we will thrive.

This is the journey of me and my three, making the most of everything. Feel free to come along!


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22 Responses to “About”

  1. katesurfs Says:

    I’ve just read some of your blogs! What an amazingly strong woman you are! Blessings to your and your girls!

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  3. Teeny Bikini Says:

    Wow. You are amazing. Good luck to you.

  4. juliamadrazo1 Says:

    Jet, I nominated you for the beautiful mama blog award!

  5. I’m surprised at some of the similarities we share. The abusive marriage, attachment parenting (are they even possible at the same time), mixed-race children (making an assumption, sorry if I am wrong), interest in meditation and nursing. Anyway, nice blog.

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you! Yes, you’re right about my girls 🙂 How many children do you have? I’m sorry that you share the domestic violence similarity; I hope you’re safe and far from the abuse. I’m happy to share the other similarities with you! I know what you mean about practicing AP in a DV household…practically impossible. It’s better now 🙂

      • I have three children. I am safe now, but unfortunately they still live with their dad :(. They are much older now, almost 16, 14, and 12. I sincerely wish you success while navigating the legal system.

      • Jet Says:

        Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve heard such horrible stories about the abusers getting the children. It’s all about power and control. In my experience they don’t really want the kids; not like we do, for unselfish reasons. I hope your kids are doing alright! Much love to you and yours. I appreciate your well wishes on our legal system navigation. At some point I’ll be able to blog about it…now is not the time though.

  6. Oh, my, you are like my alter ego.. except for I am much older than you, will turn 50 this year, yey! I am a single Mum with one lovely son. I was finishing my Masters in Ed, but I dropped out this year because I also lost my job (darn! when it rains…). I am seriously questioning just studying something to get a job and earn money. I am at a crossroad in my life where I would like to do what I like for a change. I would love to study writing. Check out my other blogs:
    I also homeschooled my son this year because I could not afford the school any longer and I loved being his Mum / teacher. Let’s keep in touch! xx

    • Jet Says:

      Hello and nice to meet you 🙂 I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comments. Life has been crazier than normal this week, lol. OMG, congrats on turning fifty this year, that’s awesome!

      I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job and had to leave school. You’re right…when it rains! I felt that same way after leaving my husband. I found out that I was pregnant and I lost my job within the first two weeks of being a single mom. It was hell.

      I wish you luck with finding a job that both pays the bills and is enjoyable for you.I totally believe in loving the work that you do.

      That’s awesome that you’re homeschooling your son (though I do wish quality education wasn’t so expensive). I do so enjoy the intimacy of homeschooling. I look forward to having you as a reader and I’ll certainly drop by your other blogs. Good luck with everything 🙂

  7. Laura K Kerr Says:

    You are inspiring. I wish you all the best.

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you so much (for your kindness, and for the passion you have for the work you do, it is so very important)!

  8. Hello, I wanted you to see the picture I mentioned of me and my girls ‘back in the day’. Y’all are much more together than we ever were. However, thought you’d like to see the similarities. The link will take you to the photo. The two girls are mine. The boy is a friend’s child. My daughters are 31 and 29 now. They turned out fabulous!

    • Jet Says:

      Oh my goodness! I see exactly what you mean, lol 😉 Thank you so much for sharing this picture! You were, and still are, beautiful 🙂

  9. You can do it. What is most important is to be safe and away from the abuser. Your children are beautiful. Congrats on not taking the easy way out and living with abuse. Wishing you all the best.

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you! It has been one year as of today and things have not been easy, but our lives have certainly improved. We’re no longer walking on egg shells around our own house, fearful of getting too comfortable being content. It’s a process, but…it’s progress 🙂

      Only a true survivor could understand how living with the abuse is the “easy way out”. Thank you so much for the well wishes. It is inspiring to see how far you’ve come and I hope to be as successful some day 🙂

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