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My Last Semester May 20, 2013

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Today was the first day of classes for my last semester of graduate school. I’m so excited! I always get giddy on the first day of class. Yes. I was that girl. The one who couldn’t wait to get her assigned reading list and textbooks. The one who’d work on assignments weeks in advance and turn them in the first day that the rest of the class got the guidelines. The one who would read history textbooks like YA fiction, and play “school” in her free time. Yes. That was me!

This time I’m not necessarily itching with anticipation for the upcoming educational quest. I am certainly excited for the work that I’ll produce and the skills that I’ll obtain, but to know that I am close to the end of my graduate school career is what makes it so phenomenal.


This will be the easiest and most challenging semester combined. The easiest because, at the back of my mind, and on the final read-through for all of my assignments I’ll be chanting, almost done! The most challenging because…well…where do I begin? I’m single-parenting three children, one of which is just 12 weeks old; I’m going to have to take these courses and job-hunt simultaneously, because once school is done I have absolutely no money to live off of; I’m slowly overcoming the trauma that was my marriage (and still technically is my marriage as I’m not yet divorced); and so much more.

But I’m going to make it. I’m almost done, and in three months I’m going to look back on my accomplishment with so much pride. One day my daughters will understand what it meant for me to finish, what it took for me to stick with this commitment, and how it improved our lives. One day, even I might say, how the  hell did I get through that? Someone told me that I was born with perseverance; she said either you have it or you don’t. I don’t know if it’s impossible to attain, but she was right about me – I’ve been determined to succeed for as long as I can remember.

I’m almost finished! I could bounce off of the walls right now if they weren’t so thin and I wasn’t risking waking the neighbors 🙂


6 Responses to “My Last Semester”

  1. Still Scared( but getting angry) Says:

    Love the picture and YAY for you!! Job hunt…wow! I will be praying for that!

  2. I am excited and happy for you! As you already know, just keep your eye on the prize and with every step you take, you will be divinely guided to the next. I used to hear my grandmama sing a song with lyrics that said, “I don’t know how I got over”. Soon, you will look back at this time and you’ll think to yourself, “I don’t know how I got over?” — but will know that your determination, persistence and good heart had something to do with it. PEACE-

    • Jet Says:

      I just keep telling myself that I’ve come too far to fail now…I have got to push through! I’m being a cheerleader for myself and every completed assignment gets my pom poms waving wildly 😉 Thank you for your positivity and encouraging words!

  3. Forgot to add: that is the most amazing photograph ever!

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