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New Posting Schedule January 21, 2013

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PlannerSince I began this blog I’ve maintained a posting schedule that I’ve been fairly proud of. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday one could rely on their being new content available. The blog has been both difficult to maintain and an avenue for growth and healing. My situation is consuming, and I rarely sleep, but I enjoy what I do here and I hope I am helping others, even if it’s in a very small way.

However, I have come to terms with my inability to maintain my three day/week posting schedule for the time being. With baby coming in three weeks and my nesting frenzy, my graduate courses continuing, my other two daughters needing constant care, affection, and education, and the endless onslaught of chores, I will not be able to continue producing quality content as often as I have been.

This will be my last week of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until things calm down a bit for me. I imagine it will get easier a few weeks after the baby is earth-side, and that I will not forever be burdened by the stress of court cases. Maybe my insomnia will even be cured soon?! Well…one step at a time I suppose.

I plan to only reduce my posting schedule by one day per week, but at this moment I am not sure which two days I’ll be posting. I will put this information on my About Page once I’ve made a decision. I look forward to maintaining this blog and the connections I’ve made through it in the blogging world. There is still so much to share and discover.

Our journey has just begun.