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I’m Having Another Homebirth!!! January 4, 2013

If I could successfully land a front handspring right now I would do five or six of them in a row. I am so excited! I’m having another homebirth!!!

I was trying my best to be positive about the disappointing reality of having to deliver Baby #3 at a birthing center. A birthing center wouldn’t be nearly as unbearable as delivering at a hospital. Still, every time I considered it I freaked out a little inside.

Taken 12/29/12 - 33 weeks

Taken 12/29/12 – 33 weeks

  • If I go into labor at 2am, like I have these past two times, who is going to drive me to the birthing center?
  • Even if I have someone willing to drive me there, what about my children? I’ll have to wake them up and get them dressed at 2am and then travel the significant distance from our house to the center, in LABOR!?
  • What if I have to take a taxi, with my two children? In labor? At 2am? In the cold of February?
  • If we take a taxi to the birthing center, how would we get home?!
  • How am I going to labor in a moving vehicle with cranky children?!
  • How am I going to calmly ride the waves of my contractions while being terrified that my water might break all over someone’s car?
  • Okay. Say I go into labor sometime in the afternoon. Say the kids are dressed, my friends are available, my car is functioning, and it’s not all that cold…but what if my labor starts out as strong as it did last time? Last time there was never a break in how strong the contractions were from start to finish the entire ten hours!
  • What if the midwives at the birthing center discourage me for coming in because I don’t “sound” like I need to come in yet? I never “sound” bad when I’m laboring. I pride myself on being able to keep it together. But my labor won’t progress until I’m comfortable knowing that I am where I need to be. Does that mean I’ll wait at home too long and not be able to make it to the birthing center? Or will I be in labor twice as long because I am uncomfortable not being where I need to be?
  • What if Baby stays breech?! At my last prenatal appointment the midwives wanted to schedule me for an external cephalic version just in case my exercises didn’t do the trick of turning baby. A VERSION!?! Do you know what that means?! Do you know what that might do to me and Baby?! Do you know HOW OPPOSED I AM TO HAVING A CESAREAN SECTION UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY?!!? Did you know that babies can successfully be born breech vaginally?

BBBThere were so many things about going to the birthing center that filled me with anxiety. I was still going to go, but only because I didn’t have any other option. Should baby stay breech, however, they will not even allow me to attempt a vaginal delivery. Liability, they told me. I would’ve had an involuntary cesarean section. I used to work at a hospital in the labor and delivery department. I’ve seen c-sections performed. I do not EVER want that to happen to me! Our society, hellbent on controlling childbirth, does not properly acknowledge the risks of cesarean sections, yet doctors are no longer being trained to handle vaginal breech deliveries. It saddens me.

I’m still living off of my school loans so we’re still broke as can be, but let’s just say, where there’s a will, and a very amazing midwife, there’s a way. I’m going to have a homebirth for Baby #3!!! Just over five more weeks and Baby is coming 🙂



8 Responses to “I’m Having Another Homebirth!!!”

  1. juicingaway Says:

    That is awesome. I also watched that documentary and it completely changed my outlook on the whole birthing process.

    Congrats and looking forward to hearing how it went! 🙂

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you 🙂 I just saw the movie last month, but I had my first drug and intervention-free, natural vaginal birth in 2007 and my first homebirth in 2009 (also vaginal, drug and intervention-free). I think the documentary is a wonderful door opener. It takes a lot to reach mainstream culture and they certainly accomplished that. I really hope that my daughters grow up with a respect for childbirth instead of a fear of it. I think they’re going to enjoy being able to see their sister being born! We’ve done a lot of prep thus far. They even watched some of the births on BBB! They’re really excited 🙂 I am as well! Thanks again for the congrats and I look forward to posting her birth story 😉

  2. Still scared( but getting angry) Says:

    YAY!! I always wished to do home births! My abuser wouldn’t allow me to. ( Add twins to the mix, three hospital births but I had midwives and I had worked L&D so they trusted me and I them and I got births drug free and how I wanted them. )

    • Jet Says:

      That’s really great that you got the births you wanted, despite being unable (disallowed) to do it at home. It really does make a difference when you’ve worked in L&D and with a trusting staff. Congrats! This will be my first birth without him by my side…it will be…empowering.

  3. katesurfs Says:

    Yay! Homebirths are the best! With my second, my biggest concern was, ‘what about my older daughter’. I wanted her to be there too! Love reading your stories! You’re a very strong woman! Lots of blessings for a smooth delivery 🙂

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you! I cannot believe it’s coming up so quickly 🙂 My midwife is very encouraging about me having my older girls at the birth so that’s reassuring. I’ve created a “Baby Day” bag for them filled with new toys and special snacks and things to keep them occupied while I labor, just in case they’re not content watching me take deep breaths and walk around in that birthing trance, lol. I’m really excited to give them a positive example of giving birth. I don’t want them to grow up with the misconception that birth is terrible and scary and must take place in a hospital and women must be medicated and men have to take over and whatnot. I really hope that all goes well when she comes earth-side!!! Thanks again for your kind words 🙂

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