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Santa Craft November 26, 2012

I haven’t been able to make it out to Michaels or ACMoore in a few weeks and my stock of cheap prepackaged crafts has depleted.

Luckily, I had a huge stack of adhesive foam sheets, some cotton balls, and glue, to make this easy Santa craft for my girls.

Designing the parts was fairly simple. Cutting them out was a little tedious, but the girls enjoyed the craft so much that it made my time spent well worth it! *Don’t ask how I forgot the beard*


One long thin black rectangle for Santa’s belt
Two short fat red rectangles for Santa’s arms
Two short thin red rectangles for Santa’s legs
One small yellow square with its center cut out for Santa’s belt buckle

One large red circle for Santa’s belly
One medium white (or peach or brown) circle for Santa’s face
One small circle for Santa’s cap
Two smaller red circles for Santa’s rosy cheeks, and three black for Santa’s buttons
Two tiny black circles for Santa’s eyes

Two black boots
One red cap
One cloud shaped cap liner
Two white (or peach or brown) hands
One black smile, nose, and set of eyebrows

Cotton Balls























Getting started!

I love how they did different things first.










Almost finished!

She did much better than I’d expected!










All done!

A Santa Family 🙂










































2 Responses to “Santa Craft”

  1. anewfreelife Says:

    You are such a good mama! Such lucky girls to have a mom who does crafts with them and gives them so much of herself!

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