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Maybe I’ll Cry Myself to Sleep November 12, 2012

It seems as though my get up and go has gotten tangled up in the struggle; my overwhelming list of things I need to accomplish.

When I say need I really mean NEED and not want.

I WANT to find a hairdresser and get my dead ends cut off; it has been over a year since a professional touched my hair and this pregnancy is not favoring the weeks that I go without washing. Washing natural African-American hair is time-consuming. I do not have time.

I WANT to sit down with my daughters and color. Play board games. Have tea parties and play dress up and do each others hair. I want to pull out the couch bed and pop popcorn and watch a silly animated movie.

But first I’d NEED to get the six loads of clean laundry off the couch and folded and into drawers. I need to run another load of dishes before we run out of spoons. I need to take a shower…not sure how long it has been. I need to do my schoolwork…

I NEED to sleep. But even on the weekends, when I should have more time for peace and should worry less because I don’t have to wake up at 5am to get everyone up and out the door on time for class, I cannot sleep. I have not been able to sleep properly since The Big Incident, but lately it is worse than ever. I sit around like a zombie, always tired, but never able to settle down. When I do sleep, I have these terribly vivid and horrific dreams. He is always in them. He is always in control.  Upon waking I feel like I have just finished the fight of my life. Sleeping is more exhausting than staying awake.

I feed and bathe my daughters. I read to them – we’ve recently read almost every book in the Skippyjon Jones series and the How Do Dinosaurs (do various things) series several times each. I take them to their appointments and therapy sessions and sports lessons and educational programs. They are the focus of all of my energy.

I have no energy for me. I NEED to focus on me, because she’s inside of me, my growing baby. I am now 28 weeks pregnant, and she is growing steadily, healthily, and I’m hoping she comes out nice and chubby. But still, I cannot find the energy: to sleep, to complete my grad school assignments, to rid myself of my preoccupation with my husband. Why should I care about him? Why should I give him the satisfaction? I’m almost certain he’s not thinking about me. He is probably already wooing some other woman. And why should I care if he is with somebody? He DOES NOT LOVE me! But I do care…and I do worry, and I am afraid that he has already replaced me, and it still hurts, even though he has hurt me.

I am not certain that I need to weep, but maybe that would help me. I hear that crying is healthy, but I’ve always considered it a sign of being weak. I hate that once I start crying I find it hard to stop; I hate the lingering headache, the animal noises that come along with crying fits; the wetness. I haven’t cried since The Big Incident; I’ve been too busy with making ends meet, taking care of my babies, and not utterly failing at life, but maybe I can find some time to weep this week. Yes…I’ll have to schedule in crying. Maybe I’ll cry myself to sleep.


4 Responses to “Maybe I’ll Cry Myself to Sleep”

  1. anewfreelife Says:

    Oh, I can so relate to you! My heart just breaks for you! I wish I could reach out and help you. I wish I could pop over and do your dishes while you play a game with the girls. I wish I could bring my hairdresser friend with me.

    Crying is a release for some. For others of us, writing does the same thing. We cry with our fingers.

    Your sleep has me worried. I have been there, months without rest. But, you do need it because of the pregnancy. I’m praying that you have restorative sleep tonight.

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you! It’s comforting just knowing that someone cares, even if you cannot come and do my dishes or bring your hairdresser friend, though…that would be pretty amazing 😉

      I think you’re right about writing. It is a major release for me. Even outside of my blog and my graduate school assignments I am constantly writing: journals, poetry, stories (that I seem to never find the time to finish). It soothes me.

      Sleep is certainly necessary. I do not want to cause baby to come early or anything from my inability to rest properly. I will talk with my midwives and therapist (once I’ve chosen a new one) for some advice on this.

      Thank you so much for your note. It always feels a little bittersweet to have some relate with me. I do not wish these burdens/struggles/hardships on anybody, but at the same time it helps to know that I am not alone.

  2. maria5125 Says:

    I second the sleep worry, you really need help with that. I know how it is, luckely I wasn’t pregnant while going through the divorce, but I didn’t sleep a whole night for 6 months… Write, write and write some more to get it out. And know that you are never alone!

    • Jet Says:

      I do…I figured it would get better with time, but it has yet to. I will try to do more writing, especially since I have no therapist at the moment.

      Thank you.

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