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Go Mama! November 9, 2012

My daughters are my biggest cheerleaders. They encourage me in everything that I do, and literally cheer when I’ve done something that requires any effort. When I find an item we’ve been looking for I hear, “Go Mama!” When I tell them that we stayed under our spending limit on a shopping trip they scream, “Go Mama!” So I didn’t find it odd, but I did appreciate it, when tonight they cheered for me after hooking up our cable.

We haven’t had cable since The Big Incident. I don’t really care for watching television, and for the length of our recently expired internet promotion it wasn’t worth it. The girls have a library of educational videos and kids shows on VHS, so it’s not like they get no visual media experience, we just haven’t been able to flip the channels in some time. I have enjoyed cable in the past, but since having children and beginning graduate school I’ve had no time to watch it, let alone commit to certain shows.

Today we got cable. It’s another promo, so we’ll see how it goes, but the best part of getting to watch TV is the fact that I saved money by setting up everything by myself. This may seem like a minor thing to some of you, but coax cables, splitters, adapters, and programming remotes are the type of tasks husbands are made for. I had never done this before.

I was intimidated and being scrutinized. I’d already told the girls what I had gotten us, and they lingered giddily as I dug behind the television, bookshelf and desk to fish out randomly placed, varying lengths and colors of connecting cables. The box didn’t come with instructions and I almost considered giving up, but…

One and a half hours of fidgeting with things, trying new pathways for the cables, and testing it out with my newly programmed remote, I hear, “GO MAMA!” I’d done it. We had a picture, we had sound, we had a loaded program guide, and we had saved ourselves some money by not sending anybody out here to set it up.

I DID IT! A task that I’d always considered too difficult, too much of a man’s forte to worry about learning (like changing my oil, filling my tires with air, and anything involving a hammer). But I did it. Granted, it took me awhile, but I pushed through it, I didn’t give up, and I was rewarded by the cheering of my biggest fans.

Yeah šŸ™‚ Go Mama!


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