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Costume Making Time October 22, 2012

Long before I had children I vowed to make their Halloween costumes by hand, every year, until they begged me to buy them.

Despite my lack of sleep, lack of resources, and lack of time for making costumes this year, I am staying committed. This may have been a dumb idea, but it’s too late to turn back now!

I scrounged up the bulk of our materials from my impressive fabric collection in the basement. In fact, the only things I purchased were turtlenecks and leggings for the girls to keep warm, Terra’s pendant and wig, Amara’s tail supplies, and a few sheets of felt.

Our town does Trick-or-Treat on Saturday so I am doing everything I can to make our costumes by Wednesday night at the latest (I’m usually pinning and gluing five minutes before we start knocking on doors). I can do this…I MUST do this, my girls are counting on me!

Wish me luck 🙂

2007 – Amara’s First Halloween – Lamb

2008 – Amara – Penguin










2009 – Amara – Ladybug (Terra and I got the flu that morning)

2010 – Amara – Spud the Scarecrow from Bob the Builder, Terra – Max from Max and Ruby, Jet – Ladybug











2011 – Amara – Border Collie, Terra – Cat, Jet – Green M&M


2012 – Jet’s Supplies – Going as a cow

2012 – Amara’s Supplies – Going as a red squirrel










2012 – Terra’s Supplies – Going as Pocahontas

2012 – My first attempt at Terra’s costume…I forgot that she is three-dimensional though, so we’re starting over.












Please machine…please don’t fail me. Please make it through this week!


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