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Autumnal Awesomenss October 10, 2012

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s so beautiful. I always feel so much more connected with the earth and myself and my place in it all during this time of the year. It makes me want to write poetry and spend as much time as possible outside, soaking up every ray of sunshine before the snow falls. I despise the snow.

Despite my lack of sleep, insanely busy schedule, and demanding graduate school assignments, we’ve made time to enjoy the season. We’ve had a lot of fun, the girls and I.

Just the other day we went on a three-city search for child-sized rakes. I didn’t find any, but we had fun on our journey. One of the stores we attempted was Home Depot, and although they did not have child-sized rakes they were having Fire Safety Day. We’d come too late to see the fire engine and get our faces painted, but they let us take the fire truck craft home and inside of the store they were giving away fresh cotton candy and popcorn!

Since we missed the seminar, we wound up having our own fire safety day at home. I’ve done this before, with full on drills for different scenarios, but it is good to go over things every once in a while. I am confident that they would know what to do should a real fire occur.

The next day, I wound up having to rake all the leaves by myself, but the girls had a blast jumping in again and again. A little exercise for Mama equaled a load of fun for sisters; totally worth it.

We eventually constructed our fire trucks as well. They were pretty intricate, I even had to use the hammer! It took until the second truck for me to get used to using the hammer, but I was encouraged by Terra saying “That one went fast!” after every successful nail and peg placement.


I know that life has been crazy, but I am pleased that through it all we are finding time to bond, explore, and have fun.