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Play Therapy October 1, 2012

I love the days that the girls have counseling.

They see it as playing. They don’t understand how he could possibly be working with all of the barbie dolls, play houses, puppets, books, and assortment of animals in his office.

We have been going since a few weeks after The Big Incident, and it has helped us tremendously.

Today we started our session by talking about why we were twenty minutes late. I’d gotten the girls ready, but I still needed to shower and get dressed before we drove to our session. I asked the girls very politely to play kindly with one another while Mommy had some privacy in the bathroom to prepare.

Did I get privacy? Do I EVER get privacy? I got screaming, crying, and pounding on the door (first with fists and feet, then by an unidentified large object thrown at the door repeatedly; I found out upon exiting the shower that the object was a half eaten apple). I did not lose my temper (this time). I did, however, express my disappointment in their choices and instruct them to clean up the chunks of apple strewn about the hallway and oozing down the bathroom door.

They adore counseling and didn’t want to miss their time to play with the dolls. They had the floor cleaned and the door wiped down in fifteen minutes. It sounds like a long time, even longer when you’re running late, but I dressed slowly to give them the time they needed, and then we drove to our session.

Once at the office we all helped to explain why we were running late, and their counselor had them act out the scene with dolls in the dollhouse. He then had them act out what could have happened had they made better choices. It was exactly what they needed.

We also drew pictures of something that makes us sad, something that makes us happy, something we’re good at, and something that I am proud of the girls for doing. After each set of pictures we discussed what we drew and why it makes us feel the way it does. It was a lot of fun.

Play Therapy has helped us ease into meditation, given me new techniques to handle tantrums and sibling rivalry, and taught me various methods for helping my children with the transition to our one-parent household. The girls look forward to going and it is a significant release for me. If you’re interested in learning more about Play Therapy or finding your child a counselor here’s one resource for getting started.