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The Sex of Baby # 3 is… September 24, 2012

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still a mystery!

This would have been my first time finding out early. I figured, hell, it’s my third baby. I was patient with the first two, and with everything else that’s going on I can at least give myself time to prepare for what I’m getting myself into. People say it doesn’t matter. Yes, as long as it’s a healthy baby I will be happy, but there is a lot to say about what each sex will mean/bring to our household.

I’m hoping for a boy because:

  • I’m 99.99% sure that this is my last baby, and I want a boy at some point. I’ve always wanted a boy, and it would be depressing to never be a mother to one.
  • I spent a good deal of money on clearance boy clothing at the outlet stores on my birthday, and now that I don’t know baby’s sex I cannot return anything.
  • It would change the dynamic between the siblings.
  • I hear they don’t whine nearly as much as little girls. Or act as dramatic. Or look you in the eye and tell you lies. I can handle rambunctious, but catty and cruel *shudders*
  • My husband has never had a boy, and I would like to be the woman to bear his first male child (I know…this sounds twisted with everything going on between us. Maybe it’s that patriarchal brainwashing I’m still overcoming, but I feel that it’s my duty to bear him a male child…though it’s not like it’s up to my body to decide anyway).
  • When my boy has grown up I will know that there is at least one good man out there in the world.

Having another girl is sure to be wonderful too:

  • I already know what I’m doing when it comes to raising girls.
  • I wouldn’t have to go clothes shopping for a very long time.
  • Both Amara and Terra keep saying that they’d prefer a baby sister.
  • I wouldn’t have the guilt of raising a male child without his father around (though there’s guilt with female children too).


In the end though, I didn’t find out today, and now I will wait until my delivery to find out the sex of my third baby. Long as the baby is healthy, by that point, I surely will not mind.



6 Responses to “The Sex of Baby # 3 is…”

  1. You’re one of those magical unicorn ladies that has a great skill that I lack, patience. lol You’re much stronger than me, I would be rip roaring to find out what that kid is!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am 13 weeks now and love to keep up with other preggos! You should come see me at I love new visitors!

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you 🙂 Congratulations to you as well! How old is your first child? I hope you continue to have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

      • Our first is 10 months old today! So we will have 2 under 2! I want a boy too since our first is a girl!

      • Jet Says:

        Oh Wow! That’s so exciting 🙂

        I wanted to conceive again once my first daughter was around six months old, but every time I focus on getting pregnant it doesn’t happen. I finally gave up trying, and the week of her first birthday I was pregnant with #2 🙂

        I only had two under two for a few months, and it was very consuming! Now I’m very happy to have had them close together; they’re the best of friends.

        Best of luck with everything, and I hope you get your boy!

  2. juliamadrazo1 Says:

    Congratulations Jet! I hope your pregnancy continues to be healthy and happy. And regardless of whether you have a boy or girl, I’m sure he or she would turn out wonderful!

    • Jet Says:

      Thank you!

      It still amazes me that each pregnancy has been so dissimilar, but despite being under the weather and lugging my growing bump around, I am feeling very capable of managing my life these days, which is great 🙂

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