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Happy Birthday to ME!!! September 19, 2012

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I am 27 today 🙂

I hadn’t planned to celebrate (much). The girls and I went up to Maine this morning; there’s a huge outlet center with a bunch of kid’s clothes stores (Gap, Carters, Gymboree, Oshkosh, Old Navy, The Children’s Place, etc), and I had awesome coupons for a few of them. I absolutely LOVE shopping, broke or not. I don’t have to buy anything to be happy, it’s just the experience of going out and potentially finding something “worth it”.

The baby (should baby prove to be a boy) will need clothing once he is past 3 months of age (I have lots of unisex items for 0-3 months because I’ve never found out the sex in advance). I bought like ten pair of shorts and ten shirts for the 6-9 month age range. I figure with baby due in February the clothes would be for summer, and baby will be fat (or so I hope), and he should fit them. If I find out (on MONDAY!!!) that I’m having a girl then the clothes can easily be returned. I just couldn’t miss the semi-annual baby sales and $1.99 per item markdowns.

So we’re shopping, the girls and I…we’d gotten through the Crate and Barrel Outlet and the Old Navy Outlet by lunchtime, and after nearly forty-five minutes of watching the girls play around after only nibbling their food I was ready to get back to shopping. I’d been taking calls from my family and friends all day; everyone calling and texting to wish me a happy birthday, so I thought nothing of it when my sister called me while the girls and I were in the dressing room at The Children’s Place Outlet. She asked about this and that, nothing out of the ordinary, but I told her that I would need to call her back because my daughters were misbehaving.

We left the dressing room and I was not a happy mama. I immediately reminded the girls of how they were to behave in a public place and that just because a space echos doesn’t mean we should start screaming in it, that sort of thing, when around from a rack of clearance clothes comes my MOTHER…with MY SISTER following!

I think my jaw fell off. I live in New England. My mother lives in Illinois and has not visited me in over a year, since I moved here. My sister lives in New Orleans, and even though she flies around the country every week for her job, I haven’t seen her in over half a year because her work schedule is so demanding. And they were there, both of them, together, not on my computer screen, but really screaming and hugging me in the middle of clearance section.

My daughters were amazed. They know my family, but they see them more often on the computer than anywhere else. It didn’t take long before I was no longer my daughters’ center of attention, but instead of taking their distraction as an insult I took full advantage. My mother and sister took the girls out to eat while I continued shopping (and every mother alive knows what a GIFT it is to shop child-free; I even got a bra fitting! It had been six years since I’d done that last). I went to the Motherhood Maternity Outlet and the Coldwater Creek Outlet, I went to the Gap Outlet and a bunch of other places.

Eventually they called to tell me they were finished eating and we all met back up. We drove back to my condo in two separate vehicles and everyone pitched in with the I-didn’t-expect-houseguests-lets-thank-God-you’re-not-DCFS cleaning. They told me that they’d been planning this trip since July, which is an awfully long time to keep a secret, but I am glad that they did. They’re going to stay in town for a few days to help me (and I cannot say that I could not use the assistance).

This was the most unexpected present! Yes…it certainly was an amazing birthday 🙂


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