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First Day of School September 5, 2012

I swore that I wouldn’t cry after I’d dropped them off. I wouldn’t think about the them losing their backpacks or the lunch lady getting their lunchboxes mixed up or the teachers putting them in the wrong classrooms. I wouldn’t think about their tears…they will not cry, they will not cry. I would not think about them having potty accidents, but just in case I made sure to oversupply their teachers with extra outfits, and training undies for rest time. I would not think about the teachers forgetting to use our fluoride-free toothpaste, or our chemical-free sunscreen, or the organic cotton bedding…I would not worry about a thing. They will be just fine. They will be just fine. I will not cry.

The girls were ecstatic for their first day of school. My sister supplied their ensembles, which they loved, and I took about a zillion pictures of them (and all of their gear) before we left so that I’d never forget a thing!

My little school girls!

First Day of School Meals

Snacks to keep at school












Rolling Disney Princess backpacks


All in all the day went well. One short teary-eyed transition into I-cannot-do-what-I-want-all-the-time land, one potty accident, one stolen/misplaced/lost Disney Princess lunchbox, one teacher each that they adore, and one anxious (but tear-free) mama who was happy to complete the test run before she starts school as well (tomorrow).

So far good enough.


4 Responses to “First Day of School”

  1. Photos are adorable! School starts here in NYC today. Daughter is starting second grade. Here’s to a great school year for all kids!

    Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire. ~William Butler Yeats

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    Isn’t it nice to have a sister that supplied the ensembles? Our kids need all the support we can give them–and that includes family and friends.
    I’m glad they had a great first day.

    • Jet Says:

      Me too! Oh goodness it’s wonderful; my sister has made herself the designated First Day of School outfit purchaser and my mother has always covered Easter dresses. It’s nice because both my mother and sister are really fashion-savvy and willing to buy something “in-style” whereas I always shop out of season to get the best deals. Not having to stress out over two events each year will be fabulous!

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