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‘Tis the Season to go Rummaging August 3, 2012

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Summer just isn’t summer without yard sales. My motivation for going out today, since we really didn’t need any more toys to add to our cycling schedule, was to find dining room chairs.

We have been without dining room chairs for an entire year now. The girls seem not to mind dining at their Disney Princess table and I make do on the couch with a TV tray, but eating in separate places really takes the family bonding time out of dinner.

I’d been looking for the right deal, but between starting graduate school, caring for my two children, and riding the roller coaster of my marriage I hadn’t actually done much looking. At last, I found six old wooden chairs — for a total of $30 I could not find enough reasons why I shouldn’t take the dive.

I don’t know anything about refinishing wood, but there should be enough internet tutorials available to make me capable. Maybe I’ll finally put to use the “Do it Herself” handy-woman book that I received as a gift several years ago. I am determined to make this bargain beautiful.

The sale did not totally revolve around our new chairs. I got a few things for the girls that I wasn’t looking for, like life jackets for one dollar apiece; the girls brought money from their piggy banks and found new assets as well. Terra chose dress up attire, a ballerina Barbie, a flashlight with multiple attachments to create images on the ceiling, and a water gun which wound up being broken. Amara chose a castle set with battling knights, rolling dragons, and flag-clad horses. She also chose Littlest Pet Shop and Harry Potter sets; she knows nothing of either series, but each came with lots of little pieces and that’s what she’s most fond of lately.


Overall, we enjoyed a wonderful summer day. We got sweaty, drank lemonade, spent a bit of money, and all came home to clean our new things and start playing. My chairs may take a while to finish, but I’ll be sure to write about their transformation. I’m so excited to finally have them, especially to have bought them so inexpensively. Soon, we will eat dinner as a family. I absolutely love yard sale season.


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