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A Family of Foragers August 1, 2012

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Today has been one of those unexpectedly fruitful days.

The girls and I planned to spend most of our morning outside. The air was cool and inviting, the sun not shinning too brightly, and everybody’s spirits were well-aligned. We went outdoors with the intentions of feeding the ducks and the groundhogs, collecting leaves for future identification, and running around with no shoes on.

We did feed the animals, and our shoes were far behind, but as we started looking for leaves to identify we made a wonderful discovery. Blackberries!Blackberries I ran inside to fetch a strawberry container from the recycling bin and we began filling it with yummy, plump, finger-staining, wild blackberries.

The girls had a blast learning which berries were ripe for picking, getting the hang of pulling them off without squishing them, and going around the yard trying to find more patches of berries. We found about 30 total patches of blackberries growing along the edge of the woods behind our condo. Save for a few thorn scratches and mosquito attacks we wholeheartedly enjoyed the experience.

Upon returning inside and attempting to rinse our stained fingers we piled onto the computer chair to research berries that grow in our area. Sure enough, wild blackberries are most prominent in New England during the months of June and July, and those delicious looking plump red berries that Terra kept trying to pick, but didn’t due to my apprehension, were in fact poisonous.

We had a great time foraging, learning more about berries, and even more fun eating them.


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