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Another Homebirth? July 25, 2012

I always knew I wanted to birth my children naturally. With Amara, I labored for 18 hours in the comfort of my home, and was at the hospital for less than ten minutes before holding my first baby. I’d already considered the fact that birthing at a hospital wasn’t always necessary. I’d done my research, knew the pros and cons, and even spent a period of time working in the same labor/delivery unit my daughter was born in; still I knew that the next time I delivered I wanted a homebirth.

Terra was born at home. Ten hours of labor, two pushes, no interventions. I am completely satisfied with both experiences, but there was a beauty about giving birth at home which wasn’t present in my hospital delivery. I have to start planning now, for my third baby’s birth.

I love my current OB/GYN and the midwives he uses, but I will part ways with them soon as no one at that practice attends homebirths. I do not know if I will really have another homebirth (mostly because I am no longer in my home, but in a condo) nevertheless, I want to build a relationship with a midwife who does them regularly. There are more options in New England for birthing outside of a hospital than there were in southern Illinois, I just haven’t found the time to research them thoroughly.

I am 12 weeks along at the moment, so I still have some time left to figure out where I’ll feel the best about birthing. For now, I am going to reread Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery, which has done wonders to prepare me for my last two births, and I am going to spend the rest of my pregnancy planning for my family’s future, bonding with my daughters, and continuing to build my strength.

Giving birth in my rented condo will not mean as much to me as giving birth on the bedroom floor of my first purchased home. Still, having the comfort of knowing that I can labor uninterrupted by the fear of not making it to where I “need” to be in order to birth my baby is invaluable.

No matter my location, I know that I will be a happy, peaceful birther, as always. I will not cry or scream or freak out. I never saw the need to use my energy on such things. Labor is hard enough work without losing control. I plan to have a labor party. I want to laugh and embrace my loved ones. I want to be distracted from the negative aspects of raising three small children alone. I don’t want to think about who will not be by my side for the first time as I push our baby through my bones.

Most importantly, I want a successfully drug and intervention-free birthing experience. The end result a chubby baby, and a recharged supermom.


2 Responses to “Another Homebirth?”

  1. mrsloclark Says:

    I can’t wait to ‘read’ you through this! I pray that you have a wonderful birth that leaves you with the same feelings of evident fondness as your previous 2!

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